Photos and specs of working on the carbs for the first time since I got the bike. It’s very un-blog like, but I’m going to update this page as I go.

Air pilot screw, # of turns out:

  1. 3-1/4
  2. 2-1/8
  3. 3-1/2
  4. 2-1/4

Intake Ports

Not sure if this matters at this point, but #2 seems to be running leaner than the others.

Carb #4

I took carb #4 off first so I wouldn’t have to mess with the choke lever.

valve seatMikuni 2.0
float valverubber-tipped, no markings, assumed to be aftermarket
needle jetMikuni 300 X-2
pilot jetMikuni 45
air pilot jetMikuni 185
main jetMikuni 110
needleMikuni 5GLZ18 (clip in middle, out of 5)