This website is currently hosted on GitHub Pages via Jekyll (i.e. a “static” website). The source code is available for all to see and each page has a corresponding file on the server. There is no code running on the server to generate content on a per-view basis. This is great for speed and ease of hosting, but bad for dynamic content like comments. Luckily for me, I’m not the first person to run into this issue so I was able to leverage the work of others. Comment’s are submitted to Staticman, which converts the comment into a pull request, which allows me to moderate comments which end up as just another file in the source code of my website. I referred to various blogs to help set this up, but mostly used Made Mistakes Blog and Minimal Mistakes Theme as a template, so thanks Michael Rose!

I especially want to thank Eduardo Bouças, the creator of Staticman. He solved a common problem in an elegant way, released it as open source, then to top it off he hosts the service for free!

Comments pending moderation can be found via GitHub Issues. If you want to modify your comment, you could fork the repo, change your comment, and submit a pull request. I don’t really expect anybody to want to do that, but I find it intriguing that you can!